Dandridge’s Mayor and Aldermen are the elected officials that make up The Board which appoints a Town Administrator, a Town Judge, and a Town Attorney. The names of the administration staff and department heads are listed below.

Town Administration

Town Administrator: Chris Shockley, CMFO
Directs and supervises the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the Town.
Email – cshockley@dandridgetn.gov
Phone – (865) 397-7420 ext. 114

Finance Director / Human Resource Clerk: Kendall Moore, CMFO
Manages the Town’s finances and employee human resource needs.
Email – kmoore@dandridgetn.gov
Phone – (865) 397-7420 ext. 116

Town Recorder: Zachary Reese
Acts as the Town’s Treasurer, Risk Manager and keeps the records of the Town’s proceedings.
Email – zreese@dandridgetn.gov
Phone – (865) 397-7420 ext. 111

Building Inspector/Codes Enforcement: Terry Reneau
Oversees all building/development for the Town.
Email – treneau@dandridgetn.gov
Phone – (865) 397-7420 ext. 113

Fire Chief/Fire Marshall: Andy Riley
Oversees Fire Department operations.
Email – ariley@dandridgetn.gov
Phone – 865-397-3192 ext. 407

Parks and Recreation Director: James Baker                                                                                    
Oversees all recreation activities and maintains park facilities.
Email – jbaker@dandridgetn.gov
Phone – (865) 397-9200 ext. 202

Police Chief: Carson Williams
Manages the Town’s Police Force.
Email – cwilliams@dandridgetn.gov
Phone – 865-397-8862 ext. 301

Municipal Court Clerk:  Rebecca Denkenberger
Process records and payments for municipal court.
Email – rdenkenberger@dandridgetn.gov
Phone – (865) 397-8862 ext. 323

Public Works Superintendent: Donald Whaley
Oversees streets and public areas.
Email – dwhaley@dandridgetn.gov
Phone –  (865) 397-5101 ext. 322

Water Management Facility Superintendent: Tana Benson
Manages the Water Management Facility.
Email – tbenson@dandridgetn.gov
Phone – (865) 397-3696 ext. 504 / www.dandridgewater.com

Town Attorney: Jeff Greene
Advises The Board on all legal matters and directs the management of all litigation.

Town Judge: Rebecca Slone
Presides over Municipal Court.